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Various Kibologists (pronounced KEEEEbologists) met at the Rendezvous Point, conducted a quick training exercise in the Paragon Hotel, and then went on a cruise around Sydney Harbour. We were surrounded by Falun Gong members who detained us and took photos for their files. They refused to release us until we taught them at least one swear word. We cleverly distracted them by shouting "LOOK OUT! CHINESE POLICE!". Wishing them a "Gung Hay Fat Choy!" we escaped.

After disembarking from our cigarette boat, we headed past the Boiling Fountain and into the Area of Operations, the Manly Corso. We infiltrated the New Brighton Hotel, because we couldn't find the Old Brighton Hotel anywhere. Many schooners were destroyed, with each one valued at an estimated $3.33 and a third cents. There was very good viewing out the window.

SUDDENLY! Security guards surrounded us! They said that we had to move because a band was going to play there. So we moved. Spiderman Ooi made a poor excuse about wanting to save space to vacuum up lots of pizza, so got married to one bottle of beer. Spiderman Ooi filled his pockets with all the ashtrays and silverware from the table, and FWIPPED out one of those long skinny webs and swung away into the distance. The "band" turned out to be very bad, very loud karaoke. With ears bleeding, we quickly left the New Brighton Hotel, and went to the "Shit" Steyne Hotel. And drank lots more schooners. Maso put in a champion effort, destroying countless schooners. Alex Suter (rhymes with CQQTER) put in a valiant effort, but couldn't keep up with Maso.


Maso, Spiderman Ooi, and Alex Suter (rhymes with shooter) at the RV

Maso destroying schooners

A large pine tree at Manly

Intelligence gathered

Hire some beer drinkers for your next operation
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